The Elements of Light show is a creation from two projects:
Acoustictrance (Music) and Amayama (Dance).

Together they creating a fusion show of world-music with the touch of trance and energetic dance choreography.

logo elements of light

The dance and the music talking about love, fear, fight, peace, freedom and the mystically of live.

The musical range inclosed middle east sounding ambient melodies and groovy danceable beats. The melody lines out of the modern world music pool are mixed with elements from jazz and flamenco combined with beats and soundsscapes creating a very uniquely music experience.

The mixture of different dance styles like HipHop-, Contemporary-, Capoera- and Breakdance combined with the deep experience in Yoga and Martial-arts creates a very unique and energetically dance choreography.

The show Elements of Light is an entertaining invitation to enjoy, a celebration of here and now.


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About the show


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-> About Erich Lehna.  Erichs webpage

-> About Kooldeep (Bhollu). Bhollus webpage


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